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L'éveil_du_Dieu_Serpent_-_Roman d'anticipation de l'auteure Christine Barsi, publié par 5 Sens Editions
By my author
Christine Barsi

On Earth, in 2027, the underlying war is not what the masses expect, but rather the one they have been hiding for decades.


We are invaded, far more than our warning triggers keep proclaiming. The Reptilians, the Grays and the declination of the hybrid races are among us. What do they want ?

Avril Scott, ethologist in an environmental protection association, and renowned for his expertise in sensitive issues dealing with abuses in the field of genetically modified organisms, will have to apprehend him and face the businessman and scientist Maur Evans who will stand in his way and take him on an Australian journey that will take them from Sydney to Melbourne, the Blue Mountains, and the heart of Tasmania.

When Avril discerns the character behind the businessman, it is too late to go back. They will collide violently, because everything separates them, their ideals as their temperament. But beyond her quest for a bygone past, it is the identity of the man who chases her and her own identity that she will discover behind the veil of illusions. In the end, a dilemma and a painful choice that could break their dreams and their reason.

I hope that this translation will be faithful to my original writing

Remodelage ADN de l'être humain pour illustrer le roman de science-fiction L'éveil du Dieu Serpent

... Maur attended the demonstration unfolding before them, while reflecting on the consequences. He would have to discuss the subject and go beyond this invention, which was quite ordinary in their day. A few packets of captive genes in an injected tissue could ensure an irreproachable reproduction, capable of luring the most attentive. It would be enough of a specific and adapted wave which, while focusing on the image, would reconstruct the DNA architecture of the wearer in order to obtain a real duplicate practically as realistic as the man himself ...


Manual of Ideological Instrumentation: Should the masses be informed of what is going on behind their backs? Of these alien races, which compose a little too well with resources and our lives. But after all, these are just a few more races to integrate into the heart of the Earth's field. Consider them as an asset rather than a wound.


Sydney - Centre-ville

BioJadh is located in the heart of Sydney; its biocluster in its periphery, at the Australian Technology Park, in Eveleigh. "Maur left the tower that enclosed BioJadh between walls of luminescent glass, to walk the streets of Sydney towards the old Opera House dilapidated for years after a particularly violent attack that had caused countless deaths."

Maur scrutinized the expert in genetics and ethology. Like many of her peers, she saw only one side of the problem and not the whole. He did not like fanatics, but he had to admit that she had guts.

Bactérie transgène pour illustrer le roman de science-fiction et d'anticipation L'éveil du Dieu Serpent par l'auteure Christine Barsi. Illustration Pixabay libre de droit

Article by ethologist Avril Scott, Melbourne, 2027 :

"Merge an animal gene with that of a human, and add some genes from bacteria, archaea or viruses, and here you have a real problem ..."

"... There were only the thousands of blue plants in which were incorporated the enzymes and bacteria supposed to increase the mechanisms of self-sufficiency and the productive yields.No true insect did not cross these necrotic fields any more. They patrolled these mortuary rows, their artificial genomes allowing them to forage plant artifacts without questioning their immediate survival.April had heard, in the secrecy of some laboratory alcoves, that even these tiny bionic harvesters from the deviant fields recorded their rates. waste, mechanical or electronic, after a few hundred hours of this industrious activity ... "

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